Brand new PTR offers winning car


Brand new PTR offers winning car

A sharp rally car that is as close to a factory car you can get as a privateer – that is the object in focus when ruling WRC 2 champion Pontus Tidemand and former Swedish rally champion and road racing ace Jerker Axelsson join forces and form PTR – Pontus Tidemand Racing.

The importance of surrounding yourself with a great team where everyone gives their all to achieve success is something that Pontus Tidemand and Jerker Axelsson know well. Both have vast experience from motorsport and know what it takes to be able to perform on top. This experience is what they want to share in their newly formed team, where privateers within rally get the opportunity to rent the latest version of SKODA Fabia R5 and at the same time get world class support.

”Motorsport is my biggest passion and my lifestyle” said Pontus. ”To work on details and towards rallies is something I really love and to help others get results would be amazing. I’m in the middle of my active career as a driver but I still feel that this is a rewarding project. I will also have access to a car between the WRC events and can hopefully compete a bit on home soil in Sweden when I have the chance.”

”To get to work with your hobby and implement everything you have learned over the years as an entrepreneur is a dream. With a pro driver like Pontus as my colleague, things reach an even higher level. We put the customer first and want to deliver an opportunity to perform in the best way possible” added Jerker, who in addition to running Sweden’s biggest full service facility for motorcycles, also has competed successfully in the Swedish and Norwegian rally championships.

A brand new SKODA Fabia R5 was picked up at SKODA in the Czech Republic yesterday, Monday December fourth, and solid preparations and tests await before the competitive car is ready for action in the beginning of 2018. In the meantime, the team gets ready by handpicking mechanics that will be available in Sweden as well as at international events.

”This is definitely a winning car” stated Pontus. ”I have competed and took part in developing it for three seasons and that has given me experience from tests rallies on various surfaces both in and outside of Europe. That has given me knowledge about what works and what does not and how to get the most out of the car.”

That Pontus and Jerker would start a team together and work with rally cars might not have been in the plans ten years ago when they first met. But after spending much time together and getting to know each other in success and failure, a common idea began to form.

”I have known Pontus since the fall of 2007 when we were the only Swedes to challenge in the Norwegian Subaru Cup” said Jerker. ”At first we were competitors, but I quickly noticed Pontus’ quite unique qualities. He is very competitive with a winner instinct but at the same time extremely humble, which is a rare combination among successful people.”

”Jerker has been doing motorsport professionally for a long time and has great experience. He is also an outstanding entrepreneur and phenomenal at making a functional team come together. To know that he runs the car is an assurance for high quality. It will really be fun and educational to have our own team” said Pontus.